More About Waistbeads

Why Do Women Wear Waistbeads?

Each woman has their own reason for wearing waistbeads, the most popular reason is simply because they make you feel good! Waistbeads are for YOU! No body shape is too big or too small, it is to show appreciation and love for your body. Other reasons are for confidence, weight management, fertility, sexuality, & more.

How Many Should I Wear At A Time?

There is no limit to the amount of waistbeads you can wear. We encourage our customers to start with one and add more when you are comfortable.

What Make Waistbeads Right For Me?

Waistbeads are for you alone! There's no age or weight limit to waistbeads. It is showing appreciation and adorning your body. Promoting self love, confidence, and awareness. If you want to feel good, waistbeads are for you!

    Do I Take My Waistbeads Off?

    Sister's Lock waistbeads are beaded on a string and traditionally tied on. Once tied on they cannot be removed unless they are cut off. These waistbeads can be worn in the shower, to bed, etc. 

    Removable Waistbeads Are Available Upon Request.

    We do offer removable waistbeads with a small clasp for an additional fee.

    To order removable waistbeads:

    1. Measure your waist 
    2. Place Order
    3. Add waist measurement at checkout   


        Email waist measurement to within 24hours of purchase.

    We cannot guarantee your waistbeads will be removable if notified 24 hours after your purchase.